Excel Clinical Research offers the highest level of professionalism, in every operational phase. Our clinic is fully equipped with a comprehensive exam room, a dedicated lab area, infusion room and monitoring quarters. Accommodations are available for volunteers who require 24-hour or overnight visits. And our secured IP storage makes it clear that we take statistical and privacy data seriously, with a number of safeguards in place to assure an operation with the utmost quality control. We invite you to review our long list of proficiencies and capabilities.


Allergy Cardiology Dermatology Endocrinology Gastroenterology Infectious Diseases Men’s Health

Pain Respiratory Rheumatology Vaccine Weight Loss Women's Health


10+ Exam rooms Fully-appointed CLIA laboratory On-site compounding pharmacy 24-Hour video and security surveillance 24-Hour dedicated space for PK and IP infusion -70C, -20C Freezers and refrigerated centrifuges DEA temperature-controlled and secured IP storage Fully-integrated Clinical Trial Management System Dedicated monitoring space with Wi-Fi and copy/fax services


25,000+ Subject database and growing 10+ Full-time dedicated recruitment team 1,000+ Daily mass emails and text messaging Outperform any/all central recruitment agencies 10+ Operators in our own 24/7 dedicated call center Daily community outreach with over 10+ full-time recruiters Internet, television, radio, billboard and transit marketing Expansive physician referral network and community outreach programs Exclusive marketing in local hospitals, medical clinics and family practices


Local transportation for pick-up and drop-off Respectful, courteous and warmhearted staff State-of-the-art subject lounge for extended PK visits Complimentary meals and snacks for extended visits Instant subject payments using ClinCard debit system Gratis Wi-Fi and television in every exam room

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